In this heartwarming collection compiled from a series of posts written on her beloved blog, The Nostalgia Diaries, Corey Wheeland’s beautiful eye-opening essays give readers the opportunity to follow her heartfelt journey as she navigates the complexities of her unexpected life after divorce. Her relatable stories—told in a raw and real, yet sweet and pure voice—are full of emotion and inspiration.

Chronicling everyday life with her young daughter, Zoey, Corey blends storytelling and practical lessons, providing a compelling, emotional, and powerful platform to encourage all mothers and mothers-to-be to embrace their blessed, beautiful now.

Honest, vulnerable, and poignant, Blessed, Beautiful Now is an intimate invitation into Corey’s life and her experiences over the course of one transformative year that will pull you in with its gorgeous reflections and thought-provoking truths.

“Even though the stories are my own,” Corey explains, “the takeaways are universal. My memories are personal, yet familiar and relatable. And the words I share hold a positive message—a message so many people are longing to hear right now.”

Blessed, Beautiful Now provides a delicious dose of engaging and insightful writing to stir the soul long after the last page is turned.

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