Keep your eyes open

Keep your eyes open

Nestled on a tree branch, half-hidden by snow, I almost didn’t see it.

Minutes before, my eyes were fixed on my daughter, who stood at the top of a small hill, her coat a bright flash of pink against a sea of white, her smile as wide as a crescent moon.

“Catch me at the bottom, Mommy!” she called out as she started running. Within seconds, she was in my arms, but her momentum—mixed with my unsteady footing—toppled us over.

As we lay there giggling, a glimmer of gold caught my eye.

I stood and picked her up so we could take a closer look. I brushed a pile of snowflakes aside to reveal a small cross, and the revelation gave me pause, causing me to quietly reflect on the moment:

The quiet swirling of snowflakes above us… The delicate rising of my daughter’s chest in time with my own… The gentle warmth of her breath against my neck… The sweet smell of her strawberry-scented locks tickling my cheek… The precious sound of her little voice whispering, ‘I love you.’

Sometimes all it takes is a snowy Sunday and the discovery of a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shimmering symbol—the one that radiates life from its center—to remind us to keep our eyes open.

Because if we don’t, the everyday beauty present in our everyday lives just might pass us by.

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