My Blessed, Beautiful Now

My Blessed, Beautiful Now

My thought process was fairly simple: Maybe if I shared my thoughts, my feelings, my story, I might be able to find my way back to myself again. Maybe others would relate to my words, and, like me, find answers in them. And maybe—just maybe—by putting fingers to keys, I’d discover a way to move forward.

And guess what? It worked.

It’s remarkable how doing something you once did as a child can instantly make you feel at ease with yourself again, how it can help you rediscover dreams you once kept close to your heart, and how quickly you are able remember who you once were even after years of being someone else.

When I began The Nostalgia Diaries blog, I didn’t know how it would resonate in a sea of woman-warrior websites and girl-boss blogs, but I can tell you this now: the craving I once had for a connection to something more was found in all the wonderful Nostalgia Diaries’ readers and followers of my year-long Everyday Nostalgia blog series chronicling my journey from unsettled to peaceful, from lonely to content, from lost to found.

And it was in my readers’ encouragement—written in emails and posted across my blog and social media—that I was inspired to give my Everyday Nostalgia essays a new and everlasting life.

My new book, Blessed, Beautiful Now will be published on January 31, 2019. It’s my hope that you will not only enjoy my words and my journey, but that you are uplifted and inspired to fall in love with your own blessed, beautiful now.

Because I’ve discovered that each of us is perched precariously between two lives: the ones of our past, and the ones of our tomorrows.

And while that’s a scary place to be, a closer look reveals that place—the present, the now—is a place of great beauty, of new beginnings, of astounding growth, and of shimmering, sparkling, open-ended possibilities for hope and love and life.

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