Hi there, and welcome to my website!

I am a writer, graphic designer, entrepreneur, and, most importantly, mom to my amazing daughter, Zoey. After my divorce in 2016, I decided to pursue my lifelong passion of writing. This pursuit manifested itself in the creation of a blog called The Nostalgia Diaries, where my goal is to simplify, enhance, and engage people’s lives by helping them focus on the most important things: remembering, appreciating, believing, and becoming.

In 2017, I wrote a year-long blog series called Everyday Nostalgia, which documented my journey as I navigated the complexities of my unexpected life after divorce. When I started the series, I didn’t know how it would resonate in a sea of woman-warrior websites and girl-boss blogs. But—much to my surprise—the intimate invitation I offered into my experiences over the course of that transformative year found thousands of readers and followers. With them by my side, I grew from unsettled to peaceful, from lonely to content, from lost to found.

It was in my readers’ friendship and love that I was reminded of something I forgot so very long ago: that the connections we create in our lives are the ones that will carry us through, even in the darkest of days. And from my readers’ encouragement—written in emails and posted across my blog and social media—I was inspired to give my Everyday Nostalgia essays new life in my recently published book, Blessed, Beautiful Now. My hope is that the words from these collected essays will inspire you to create a more fulfilling, satisfying, and simpler life.

In addition to my blog, my writing has been featured on Motherly, Kindred Mom, Today’s Parent, Perfection Pending, Mamapedia, SheKnows, Red Tricycle, and Chief Gratitude Officer. I’m determined to spend the rest of my days living creatively and colorfully, all the while drinking cinnamon green tea, listening to good music, and soaking up as much sunshine as I can.

You can contact me at corey [at] coreywheeland [dot] com and follow me on Facebook and Instagram.