Notes of a New Year

Notes of a New Year

My daughter, Zoey, asked for a few gifts for Christmas that, to me, seemed out of the ordinary for a seven-year-old.

“A guitar,” she requested. “A keyboard. Oh, yeah, and a microphone.”

The thought of having a one-girl band right underneath my roof both delighted and intrigued me, so, of course, she received them all.

Zoey spent the better part of this past weekend sitting in our living room chair with her new microphone placed in front of her and her new instruments in her hands. She’d strum the strings or tap the keys as she belted out every single Christmas song she could think of, so she could, as she put it, “keep the Christmas spirit alive as long as possible.”

Though the sounds drifting around our apartment could only be described as cacophony, I did absolutely nothing to stop her—even after I developed a nagging headache. Because I, for the better part of my weekend, watched something amazing take place.

Zoey had absolutely NO idea what she was doing, but she didn’t let it stop her from trying to put together a few notes that resembled something that sounded like a song. Over and over and over.

What I heard was better than any perfectly played melody:

I heard determination.

It was the most beautiful thing ever.

One day, all of Zoey’s notes will fall into place and that will be beautiful, too. But for now, my wish for her is that she always embraces the process—because it’s the process that lays the foundation for all our wild, amazing dreams. It’s what makes our successes that much sweeter.

And as today ushers us in to a new year, this is also my wish for you.

May 2019 find you strumming the notes that will someday be your best song yet.

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