The middle place

The middle place

I’m not sure why this is the case, but I think I’ve spent most of my life hanging out in the “middle place.”

We all know the middle place well: it’s that sometimes exciting, sometimes scary, sometimes unsettling place, the one where you feel a little stuck between what once was and what will someday be.

I’m feeling stuck in this middle place more often than not these days, waiting and hoping for the future I want for myself and the people I love. I’m working toward building a life I’ve dreamt of for way too long, but sometimes I stumble. Sometimes I get stuck because I’m in my head about what I deserve, wondering if true happiness really can come my way. Wondering if the odds are stacked too far against my favor. Wondering if I don’t have these things now, will they ever really happen? Wondering if I’ll just have to resign myself to always thinking, ‘One day… Someday… Maybe… If only…’.

Worry is the worst enemy I know, and self-doubt is the scariest crevice to crawl into.

But, luckily, there are better things that sing louder than either of those evils, and I cling to them with every last fiber of my being:

Hope and trust and, of course, love.

I think these three things can change everything. Because they are the things that turn this middle place into something much more than just a state of suspension—they turn the middle place into the precipice of perfection.

So I’m learning to be okay with right now, because it’s where I can hope my tomorrows will be the ‘one days’ I’ve longed for. It’s where I can trust I am right where I need to be. And it’s where I can choose to love this beautiful, blessed life I get to call my own.

Sounds like a good place to be to me.

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